feedback about Soak Staves

What do people who have been dealing with whiskey (and other spirits) and their variety of aromas for a long time say about the Soak Staves? - Below are their opinions and testimonials.

In his video, Pat Hock tests the Soak Staves with a Deanston single malt whisky that was previously stored in a bourbon cask for 12 years.

Conclusion: "... great thing, nice experiment..."

In his video, Marc tries the Soak Staves with three different spirits - the Bain's Single Grain Whisky from South Africa with the Peated Finishing, the Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky for the Rum Finishing and the Mackmyra Gin with the Sherry Finishing. 
The "unboxing" video with the filling of the bottles can be found here .

Conclusion: "...a cool gimmick that I really enjoyed..."

"...I have a recommendation for the Soak Staves. Beginners can clearly learn how the oak influences the aging process. Advanced users have the opportunity to create great finishes and further develop their own taste.
Pros can use 2nd fill staves to add nuances to single malts or blends that may be lacking to perfection. Above all, it's fun and I wish all imitators that..."

Whisky-Siegen 800x600.jpg

"...Definitely an exciting product to take home to experiment a bit with your whisky. 

The core of the actual whiskey is preserved, only receives an additional kick. The promise to refine the whiskey is definitely kept and it's fun to try a little. As a gift and for yourself - with this you make whiskey friends or those who want to become one happy..."

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"...The aromas of the original malt are still there, but partially pushed back. The sherry stave version is softer with more vanilla and other fruit aromas as well as some nuts. Despite the maturing time of just over 2 weeks and the high alcohol content of the base distillate does not overturn the oak freight...."


"...I can say unequivocally: the experiment was a success. All three finishes have changed the original Glen Grant 12 more or less significantly in the two weeks. However, I am glad that I used a basically very gentle whiskey for the experiment and not used one with a strong character.
The peated finish created a completely different whiskey that for me was significantly better than the original..."


The box is very nicely packaged and the concept is well thought out. The bottles are reusable.
The staves naturally lose potency and clearly pick up flavors from the last attempt.

Of course, you can also use the set with different whiskeys or fill the bottles with completely different spirits. My Balvenie was perhaps a little too strong in taste and a "shallow" whiskey would probably have benefited more from the finish. Nevertheless, I found the experiment exciting!... "