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 Add a unique finishing touch to your Spirits

Soak Staves_2m2mS8.2 (C) PULS 4_Gerry Frank (36).jpg

Give your Whisky, Rum, Cognac or Tequila an extraordinary finishing

(C) Puls4 / Gerry Frank

Individual and unique
  • 🎁 1 Soak Staves Box - 3 different finishes
    The perfect gift idea for whiskey drinkers and spirits fans.
    Your Spirits, Your Finishing, Your Taste


  • ✔️ Become a master blender and give spirits an unmistakable refinement, a so-called finishing . Standard bottlings of whiskey, rum or cognac, which you can give an individual touch to, are particularly suitable for this.
    After 2 weeks you will taste the delicious difference.


  • 🥃 In contrast to other wooden sticks available on the market, the unique Soak Staves not only give the spirits additional aromas of vanilla, toffee, and much more thanks to the oak wood. but also refine the distillate with special notes of rum, sherry or peat or smoke (peated).

  • 🍷 The flavoring distillates for the finishing (rum, sherry, peated) are high-quality and well-known branded spirits, the aroma of which is transferred to your whiskey, rum, cognac etc. through the soak staves. The Soak Staves are like a "keg in a bottle" - all beautifully packaged as a gift box for whiskey drinkers, rum drinkers and spirits fans.

  • 🌳 The Soak Staves are a natural product made from oak wood.
    We obtain the untreated, sawn wood for the Soak Staves from a gunned workshop in Tyrol. This is an integrative company that offers people with disabilities a market-driven job.
    The soak staves are then processed by us in many other complex work steps in such a way that they give your spirits a unique and incomparable finishing.

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