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 Add a unique finishing touch to your Spirits

Soak Staves are "the barrel in the bottle" so to speak
and give your spirits in a short time
a unique aroma and care
for an individual refinement.

Your Spirits, Your Finishing, Your Taste
The perfect gift idea for
Whiskey drinkers, rum lovers and spirits fans.

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Soak Staves Rum (single bottle)

Soak Staves Rum (single bottle)

VAT Included

Give your favorite whisky , cognac or other spirit a unique flavor by finishing it with the Rum Soak Stave .

Of their There are no limits to creativity.
You can also use the Soak Staves with the rum finishing for tequila, grappa, fruit brandies, etc. or even give a gin or vodka a special and unique aroma.

SKU: 25012022

The single bottle comes in the Soak Staves Box - this contains:


  • 1 bottle with 200 ml volume
  • 1 Soak Stave Rum (length 12.5 cm) for the unique finishing of your spirit
  • 1 cardboard hang tag (printed with eyelet and natural cord) for labeling the bottle
  • Bottle display made of cardboard with a wood look
  • guide with information


The Soak Staves are a natural product made of oak wood, which is mostly made by hand in many complex work steps.

In contrast to other wooden sticks available on the market, the unique Soak Staves not only give the spirits additional aromas of vanilla, toffee and much more thanks to the oak wood. but also refine the distillate with special rum notes.


For the flavoring distillates for the rum finishing  it is a blend of two high-quality and well-known from Jamaica and Panama .

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