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 Add a unique finishing  to your Spirits

Whisky Rum Finishing Box Geschenkidee für Whisky und Rum Trinker

Soak Staves offer the world's first and unique opportunity

to refine your own spirits with an individual finishing

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(C) Puls4 / Gerry Frank

The original gift idea for whiskey drinkers,
Rum fans and spirits lovers
Soak Staves - füllen, warten und den Unterschied genießen
Taste the difference
About Soakstaves

Soak staves

Did you know that 60-70% of the taste and aroma of barrel-aged spirits are created when they are matured in wooden barrels?


What makes Soak Staves so special
In contrast to other wooden sticks available on the market, the unique Soak Staves not only give your beverage additional aromas of vanilla, toffee, ... but also refine the spirit with special notes of rum, sherry or peat / smoke.

OAK - the oak plays a decisive role in this, as the barrels used to mature whisky, cognac, rum and co are almost exclusively made of oak.


SOAK - The wood of the barrel not only releases flavour, but also soaks up some of the spirits stored in it - similar to a sponge.


STAVES - 32 of these staves form a classic American Standard Barrel (ASB) with a volume of almost 200 liters. After this barrel, which was previously filled with e.g. rum, has been emptied, around 7 liters of the spirit and thus a lot of aromas remain in the barrel staves.

If, for example, one fills whisky into this barrel, one speaks of a "finishing in a rum barrel" or a "rum finishing".

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Give your Whisky, Rum, Cognac or Tequila an extraordinary finishing

Taste the difference

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